Double ball joint

I promised in previous articles that I would document my work and share my designs. This articulation model lends itself well to the exercise because it is very simple to draw and the Openscad file with which you can set up new cups is very short [...]

"Comme suspendu" and the first projectors of the Phluux workshop

Comme suspendu, created in 2020 by the Cie du Théâtre l'Articule, is a show for the very young. It is the first show to run with only projectors designed and manufactured by the Phluux workshop.

A nomadic projector for "Le paradis des chats"

Adapted from a text by Emile Zola, Le paradis des chats was created in 2022 at the Geneva Puppet Theatre by the Mokett Company. In order to be autonomous and to be able to play in any kind of theater, the show needed a custom lighting installation [...].

A website for the Phluux workshop

Recently named "Phluux workshop", my workshop has been accompanying me in my job as a theater lighting designer for years, settling in the rehearsal rooms and temporary workshops where I am brought to work. Over time, by investing in tools and materials, I've been able to create a new [...]


A project like the Phluux workshop would not be possible without support (moral or logistic). Thank you to all those who give me their help and trust!


Philippe Dunant, 1m80 (almost), beard and glasses, grey hoodie (often), born November 21, 1977, lives in Geneva.