A website for the Phluux workshop

Recently named "Phluux workshop", my workshop has been accompanying me in my job as a theater lighting designer for years, settling in the rehearsal rooms and temporary workshops where I am brought to work.

Over time, as I invested in tools and materials, it became more and more difficult for me to work nomadically and it became clear that the next step was to set up a "real" studio, established within four walls.

It is also by becoming aware of certain particular needs of theater companies - particularly in puppetry - which often require custom lighting equipment that is difficult to find in the shops, that the idea of a projector design workshop was born.

The "Nomade" projector from Atelier Phluux
The " Nomade " projector from Atelier Phluux

The artisanal approach in a field like projector design is not common and there are many unknowns and facets to explore. However, 3D printing and the democratization of materials such as optics and LEDs makes it possible to attempt the adventure more serenely, at least when it comes to small light sources.

Two shows are already touring with only Phluux workshop designs and others are in the works! This site is here to keep you informed of the evolution of the workshop and to present you the projects on which I work during its setting up.

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